About This Training Academy

Guest Presenter: Adrian von Wrede-Jervis, Windhoek International SchoolIn this Training Academy course, learn how to manage your school's curriculum. Discover best practices for reviewing curriculum digests and analytics on ManageBac to ensure alignment with various assessment and curriculum models. This course is suitable for academic heads, curriculum leads and programme coordinators. 

Learning Objectives

In this Training Academy, we will learn:

  • How to manage and configure unit templates.

  • How to review your whole-school curriculum.

  • How to configure and analyse key standards and components of the IB programmes.

Training Academy Contents

    1. Welcome to the Training Academy

    2. What to Expect

    3. Finding Your Way

    4. Learning Goals

    5. Let's Begin

    1. About the Workshop

    2. Pre-Workshop Instructions

    3. Register for the Workshop

    1. Join the Live Workshop

    2. Workshop Slides

    3. ManageBac Demo Account Access

    1. Building Quality Curriculum

    2. Promoting Regular and Ongoing Curriculum Review Cycles

    3. Sample Unit Planners

    4. Creating Unit Templates That Work (for non-IB Programmes)

    5. ATL Skills Progression: How to Plan and Track Progress

    6. Accreditation and Evaluation: A Whole School Approach

    7. WIS Review Process of MYP Unit Plans

    1. Plenary + DP / CP Breakout

    2. MYP Breakout

    3. PYP Breakout

    1. Learning Quiz

    2. End of Course Survey

    3. Congratulations

    4. Continue your ManageBac Certification Journey

    5. Claim Your Certificate

Managing Your School's Curriculum

  • 39
  • 2 hours live workshop
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Who is this Training Academy course intended for?

    This course is intended for Teachers or Admins looking to develop their ManageBac knowledge on Grading and Reporting.

  • What are the technical requirements to attend?

    (1) stable internet access, (2) able to join Zoom with video & audio, (3) a laptop/computer to complete the activities.

  • Will the sessions be recorded?

    The sessions will be recorded and shared with all participants after the event. Some sections may feature break-out groups which are not recorded.

  • How do I register in bulk?

    If you would like to register 2 or more participants from your school, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Days Before This Training Academy Begins

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