About This Training Academy

In this Training Academy course, learn how to review grades, handle template creation and support your school's assessment and reporting process. Whether you are a subject head, coordinator or technology director, all will benefit from tried and tested best practices on ManageBac Report Cards. 

Learning Objectives

In this Training Academy, we will learn:

  • Best practices for setting up your Report Cards to get the results you are looking for

  • Template creation and grade book management

  • How to create a stunning report card through hands-on sessions & activities

Training Academy Contents

    1. Welcome to the Training Academy

    2. What to Expect

    3. Finding Your Way

    4. Learning Goals

    5. Let's Begin

    1. About the Workshop

    2. Pre-Workshop Instructions

    3. Register for the Workshop

    1. Join the Live Workshop

    2. Workshop Slides

    3. Optional: Hands-on Task

    4. Optional: Hands-on Task Resources

    5. Access to Demo Account

    6. Next Gen Reports Information & Question Board

    1. Configuring Task Assessment Settings

    2. Generating Reports

    3. Editing Report Card Templates & Publishing

    4. Updating Student Report Cards

    5. Generating IB DP Reports

    6. IB MYP Reports

    7. Generating IB PYP Reports

    8. Learn Further: Assessment and Feedback

    1. Main Room + DP Breakout Room Replay

    2. MYP Breakout Room Replay

    3. PYP Breakout Room Replay

    4. Non-IB Breakout Room Replay

    1. Learning Quiz

    2. Self-Efficacy Check

    3. End of Course Survey

    4. Congratulations

    5. Claim Your Certificate

    6. Continue your ManageBac Certification Journey

Building End of Term Reports

  • Free
  • 2 hours live workshop on Zoom
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Who is this Training Academy course intended for?

    This course is intended for Schools using ManageBac to send out Reports for the first time; the team in charge of setting up and sending out reports (admins and teachers); experienced ManageBac admins and teachers in charge of Reporting

  • How do I register in bulk?

    If you would like to register 2 or more participants from your school, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Got Questions?

Contact our Community Team at [email protected]